Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I be initiated?  Unfortunately, the online initiation website is down, and I don’t know when/if it will be up again (as it is run by Brother Emrys – not me), so your best bet is to find a Turtle to initiate you in person. Go to your local public house/tavern/bar and look for people wearing VFW/Masonic regalia. They are often Turtles as well. Good luck!
  2. Do I need to register my Turtle chapter/members?  No.  There is no central registry for chapters or members.
  3. Can you tell me how to contact my local chapter?  No.  See above.
  4. Where can I get Turtle pins or other regalia?  I have not found a reputable dealer of Turtle regalia in neither online nor brick-and-mortar form.  If you know of one, please contact me and I will add the link here.
  5. What are the answers to the Sublime Questions?  If you have to ask that, then you shouldn’t be a Turtle.  If you still think you are a Turtle, please contact with the password and I will email you the answers.
  6. I/my grandmother/significant other/boss/hausfrau/cabana boy lost my/his/her card.  How do I get a new one?  Contact me with the password and I will send you my templates for your use.
  7. Is it a Chapter or a Pond?  Call it what you want.
  8. Do I have to pay dues to be a member of The Turtles?  No, but Chapters may charge dues.  Any dues charged by your Chapter are probably assessed to cover the costs of printing membership cards, providing meeting spaces and beer.  If your Chapter charges dues, that it is up to you to be affiliated with that Chapter, but you will never have to pay dues to be a Turtle.
  9. How can you afford to run this website, answer all these questions, be a general font of knowledge and send out materials for us to use without a donate button?  I’m working on that.